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The Victorian Local Governance Association was established in August 1994 as a community and local government response to the removal of local democracy and the silencing of community voices in the days of forced amalgamations by the former Kennett State Government. The formation of the VLGA was to restore democracy at a local level. The founding members of the VLGA included Glenyys Romanes, Liana Thompson, Lyn Allison, Mike Hill, and Tim Costello.
The VLGA was incorporated as an association in 1995 and has been advocating for democracy and democratic governance since it was formed.
It has transformed from primarily being an advocacy and advice body to one that promotes democratic governance through its numerous programs, projects, training and presence in the sector.

While in its early days its primary aim was to respond to the removal of local democracy, the campaign to protect the role and independence of local governments and the involvement of local communities is just as relevant twenty years later.

For an additional perspective on the history of the VLGA please download the following speeches:

Life Members

Victorian Local Governance Association life members:

Lyn Allison
The late Cr Don Chambers
Julie Hansen
The late Mike Hill
The late John Jago
Peter Johnstone OAM          
Tom Moloney
Liana Thompson                                  



The VLGA is committed to connecting communities and strengthening democracy

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