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Nominations for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Victorian Local Governance Association Board Elections 2017

Nomination for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Cr Jake KeoghCr Jake Keogh 2.JPG

I am a councillor from the Knox City Council and I am nominating to give better representation to the Eastern and South Eastern councils. Without proper representation from the East, it is not truly reflecting the needs and wants of all councils in the state.

By allowing better representation from the East and South East, we can gain better input from those councils who have different needs and views and also harbour a better relationship with those councils from the area that are currently not members of the VLGA.

Having spoken to other councillors, I also believe the most important things for the VLGA in the future is to work closely with the State Government to try and deliver the best outcome for councils with rate capping and consult with councils more. While also providing more training and up skilling to councillors, especially the new councillors.

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