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Nominations for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Victorian Local Governance Association Board Elections 2017

Nomination for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Cr John SipekCr John Sipek 2.jpg

Now more than ever, the VLGA needs strong, decisive leadership.

As a Professional Board Director, Councillor for 13 years and Mayor in 2011, I have extensive experience in finance, negotiations, governance, and a passionate understanding for the issues facing all local government and communities.

We must tackle issues like the imposition of rate capping, the burden of cost shifting and how we fund and support infrastructure and services across the community. These are perennial issues for all Councils and it is vital that the VLGA has a commanding voice in the debate. We need a leadership team that can work with all levels of Government and actually achieve real results for our communities.

We need fresh leadership at the VLGA who will put Councillors and local government first.

I am asking for your vote so that the VLGA will be a pinnacle voice for us all.

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