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Nominations for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Victorian Local Governance Association Board Elections 2017

Nomination for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Cr Josh FergeusCr Josh Fergeus 2.jpg

Local government plays a critical part in making Victoria as fair and inclusive as possible.  I’m passionate about the diversity and vibrancy of our State’s communities, and the VLGA’s work promoting good governance, sustainability and social justice helps to create the conditions necessary for them to flourish.  I’m a leader in the not-for-profit sector, having worked at peak bodies and with extensive experience in a broad range of areas including child and family welfare, mental health, disability, public health, and education.  I’ll bring extensive experience working in Australian and international communities to the Board, promoting a consultative approach to governance to ensure a sustainable and transparent planning and development process.  We need strong leadership to support councils and community groups to care for Victoria’s people and places in a rate-capped environment.  Together we can take action on climate change, create child and age-friendly cities, and promote equality and social justice.

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