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Nominations for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Victorian Local Governance Association Board Elections 2017

Nomination for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Cr Naim Kurtrsz_cr_naim_kurt_-_meadow_valley_ward.jpg

As a new councillor from one of the states fastest growing, culturally and geographically diverse councils (Hume City), I ask for your support in these elections in helping to make the VLGA more representative of it’s members. I bring to the table a strong understanding and passionate belief in the importance of local government with a background in media communications advocating on issues which affect our communities. As a board member I will bring a fresh and energetic perspective that will argue for (1) stronger advocacy in regards to rate capping and the effect it has particularly on rural and growth councils (2) stronger input into the LGA review from council members; (3) practical ways to address cost shifting;  and (4) improve training and development opportunities that the VLGA offers. Your trust in me will ensure a more open and representative VLGA for all. Please consider me for this opportunity.

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