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Nominations for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Victorian Local Governance Association Board Elections 2017

Nomination for VLGA Ordinary Board Member (Councillor)

Cr Sebastian KleinCr Sebastian Klein 2.jpg

After four years on the board of the VLGA and eight years in the local government sector I am as passionate as ever about pursuing our mission and values.

Having been through a change in CEO recently I am determined that even if I am not re-elected as President that I might be a part of the organisation ongoing – to ensure continuity and our continued pursuit of the connection and engagement of local communities to their Councils and Councillors.

There is much work to be done still in terms of ensuring that the bodies that govern with our communities, reflect our communities, that vital work in reconciliation and other areas is pursued, and that human beings are at the centre of sectoral reform and the Act review.

As such I hope that you will support  my bid for Board Member, as well as President of the VLGA.

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