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The marriage law postal survey – an unnecessary expense


September 8 2017 



The marriage law postal survey will take place from next week and while the survey is voluntary it is vital that people take part. 

This survey is about equal rights under the law - the rights of same sex couples to get married. It is not about religious freedom, freedom of speech, political correctness or the upbringing of children.   

The VLGA is disappointed that the rights of consenting adults to enter into voluntary marriage is subject to an expensive and unbinding postal survey. This issue should be discussed and voted on in the Parliament.

The VLGA also calls on councils, counselling organisations, community groups and community leaders to be aware of the potential harm this survey may have on members of their LGBQTI community.   There are a range of face-to-face and online support services available for people who experience harassment, intimidation and bullying.

The VLGA unequivocally supports the YES Campaign.






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