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Good Governance at Your Fingertips
Conflict of Interest
Apprehension of Bias

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Councillor Development Series

Conflict of Interest

Councillors and council officers are required to have an understanding and awareness about the potential for conflicts of interests in local government. If a councillor or council officer and/or their family members stands to gain, directly or indirectly, from a council decision, they must remove themselves from the decision-making process. It is an imperative that councillors acknowledge they have been elected to govern on behalf of the community and need to act accordingly.

Good Governance at your fingertips -Conflict of Interest

Apprehension of Bias

The issue of revealing an apprehension of bias is something that councillors must consider when making public statements on upcoming issues. If a councillor is perceived to have made up their mind and will not be swayed in advance of formal consideration of an issue, that could qualify as exhibiting an apprehension of bias.


Good Governance at Your Fingertips.pdf - Apprehension of Bias

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