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The VLGA supports strong, resilient communities through preventing harm from gambling

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In July 2017 the VLGA received a 2-year grant from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to deliver the Councillor Champions Civic Communities Program.

Councillor Champions will build councillor knowledge and skills in developing and implementing actions to reduce harm from gambling. There will be a particular focus on building councillor leadership. Councillors can have a significant influence on each other, on their councils and on their communities, and councils tend to follow the example of leadership councils in a wide range of areas. Councillor Champions will encourage councillors to initiate and implement actions to raise awareness of, or reduce harm from, gambling. Local government has influence and levers that extend widely across the community and different modes of gambling; from the planning, role to work in supporting sporting clubs and associations, and beyond to the ways in which they build community resilience and deliver social, leisure and recreational activities that can provide alternatives to gambling.

Civic Communities is aligned with an important principle of VLGA work – promoting civic participation and enabling citizens to create their own sustainable futures. Civic Communities will build social connectedness and community resilience with a key focus on assisting communities to build knowledge and skills to participate in licensing and planning processes relevant to EGM placement. The aim of this component is to ensure that the VCGLR does not make any decision about EGM licensing without having access to community perspectives.

To view the VLGA, Local Government funding policy click the link below.


LGWGOG Meeting Agenda 18 July 2018


YouTube Clip - how to run a community campaign 


Susan Rennie on or 0425 706 978; or Rose O'Leary or (03) 9349 7999.


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