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The VLGA supports strong, resilient communities through preventing harm from gambling

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Community Solutions: Local Government Working for a Victoria Free from Gambling Harm

The VLGA's Community Solutions: Local Government Working for a Victoria Free from Gambling Harm supports strong, resilient communities through preventing harm from gambling.

Community Solutions will build the capacity of local councils and communities to reduce harm from gambling using three key approaches:

  1.  A whole of organisation, workplace based initiative within the local government sector will target the workforce of local government recognising that, as a collective, local government is probably the State’s largest employer. The VLGA will deliver tailored information to different employee groups as part of an integrated response to reduce risks associated with high levels of exposure to gambling products.

  2.  High level strategic and policy support to Councils to ensure that all Victorian Councils have up to date gambling policies which reflect more recent research about harm from gambling and public health approaches to gambling, and empower Councils to act in the most appropriate way to reduce harm locally.

  3.  A community capacity building initiative at a local Council level to ensure that all communities are empowered to have a voice in planning matters relevant to the placement of poker machines and other gambling venues within their neighbourhood. This initiative will be aligned with the new Recognising Objectors Bill 2015 by which Parliament sought to add a new decision-making consideration into the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Planning matters relating to EGMs are particularly complicated and a capacity building initiative to ensure that communities can benefit from these legislative reforms will be particularly timely over the next two years.

We expect to see the following outcomes as a result of this project:

  • Greater leadership at all levels and within all sectors of local government with regards to reducing exposure to gambling products and services and challenging the normalisation of gambling.

  • More empowered communities as demonstrated by greater numbers of community members able to participate in planning application processes relating to EGM placement.

This project has been funded by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Through the project, the VLGA can deliver support to all member and non-member councils, and to any community where there is, or is likely to be, a planning application to install poker machines.

For further information or to participate in any aspect of this project contact:

Susan Rennie on or 0425 706 978; or Rose O'Leary or (03) 9349 7999.


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