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In 1996, the first Victorian Local Government Women's Charter was launched by the Women's Participation in Local Government Coalition (WPILGC). It is now supported by over 72 local governments who are encouraged to create action plans to implement the Charter.

The Charter has three principles:

  1. Gender equity
  2. Diversity
  3. Active citizenship

The majority of Victorian local governments have adopted the Woman's Charter and many have created actions plans to achieve the three goals of the charter - gender equity, diversity and active citizenship.

Activate the Charter in your Council!

  1. Sign up to the WomensCharter21 project and become a Charter Champion – email the VLGA today on – for more information
  2. Begin your own assessment of how your Council is doing – use this Charter Implementation Guide to help you get started
  3. Talk to your Councillors about encouraging more women to stand for election


  2. Fact Sheet

Download the Charter


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