Victorian Local Governance Association
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Food Security

Local governments have a whole of population mandate and can improve community health and well-being through support for equitable and local food chain systems.

VLGA Approach

Food security is an issue that encompasses social equity and environmental concerns.  Rising food costs and declining access to healthy food reflect the beginning of drastic impact on the food chain brought by climate change and the changing shape of our cities and towns.

Long-term strategies are needed to achieve the systemic and sustainable change required to improve food security, particularly in local government areas of disadvantage.

The VLGA supports local governments to ensure that land use planning decisions, and decisions about shopping, transport and other local amenities, do not affect our ability to access healthy food and to make healthy food choices on a lifelong basis without resorting to community services or emergency foods.

Municipal food security scanning tool

The VLGA has developed a rapid method for conducting scanning using the environments for health framework.  This resource is available for purchase and the VLGA also supports local governments to undertake this work using a fee for service arrangement. 

Food Security Network

The Food Security Network (FSN) aims to provide support for local governments, other stakeholders and individuals who are interested in improving local food supplies, local food access and food security in their communities.

The FSN aims to cover a wide range of interests and to provide topical information for individuals, groups, organisations and governments.  The FSN library and Discussion Forum provide a comprehensive community resource.