Victorian Local Governance Association
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Land Use Planning

The VLGA lobbies for the autonomy of local governments and the involvement of residents in the land use planning system.

VLGA Approach

The VLGA advocates for a more strategic planning system; one that minimises intervention, interference and manipulation, protects the autonomy of local governments, and involves local citizens in decision-making.  The VLGA argues for greater consistency and certainty in local planning.

We take leadership on critical land use planning issues and promote the need for partnerships between levels of government and the community.  We emphasise the need for the planning system to incorporate collaborative approaches that embody the principles of community engagement and good governance.

Restoring community confidence in planning

Community confidence in the planning system will be restored when genuine community engagement takes place, particularly in strategic planning.  If there is proper protection for things of high value – including the environment, open space, liveability, heritage and intrinsic neighbourhood character – the community will be more accepting of change in designated places.  

Land-use planning needs to be part of an integrated approach, supported by population and settlement strategies, and involving transport planning and adequate infrastructure investment.  It also needs to facilitate community responses to key challenges like rapid urban growth, climate change, peak oil, food security, and housing affordability.