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Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

The negative impacts of gambling are a great concern for local governments. The VLGA's work in this area aims to develop and share knowledge on how to implement responsible gambling policies across local communities.

VLGA Approach

Local governments and communities are concerned about the explosion in poker machine numbers, their concentration in disadvantaged areas, the rise in problem gambling, the lack of council planning control over pokies venues, the negative economic impacts and the lack of independent research into the impacts of gambling.

The VLGA works with local governments and community organisations through the Local Government Working Group on Gambling (LGWGOG) to address the negative impacts of gambling.

Supporting Local Governments on Gaming Policy Project

Changing State and Australian government regulatory environments mean that now more than ever is the time to strengthen local government policy and statutory responses to gaming machines. The VLGA undertook the Supporting Local Governments on Gaming Policy Project in order to increase the capacity of local governments to address Electronic Gaming Machine (EGM) gambling related issues. The project by has developed a ‘how-to’ guide on EGM assessments, engaged the University of Ballarat to undertake a significant research project on the impact of new gambling venues on communities and distributes regular news bulletins. 

The final research project report provides accessible knowledge of the multiple, interconnected, direct and indirect, and often hidden ways that poker machines are affecting the health and wellbeing of communities. These impacts – social, cultural, political and moral – challenge the dominant conceptions of gambling as an individual pathology affecting only the minority of problem gamblers. Our conclusions strengthen the call for gambling to be recognised as a public issue rather than exclusively a personal trouble.

For the last two years, the VLGA has provided the local government sector with information and updates on gambling news and policy through a monthly eBulletin.  The VLGA will not be publishing the eBulletin after September but you can access previous editions below.

While the Gambling News eBulletin has been topical and of the highest quality, the VLGA does not have the in-house expert knowledge nor a funding stream to main this high standard into the future. Readers can stay up to date with the regular email alerts from the Gambling Information Resource Office (GIRO) at the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. The expert staff at the GIRO pack their regular email alerts with the latest information including: new developments in research, policy, regulations and laws at local, State and Federal Government levels. It also includes decisions from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the courts. GIRO alerts also list upcoming events concerning gambling. You can sign up to the GIRO alerts here at their website here.


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Gambling advocacy pack

The VLGA has launched a gambling advocacy pack which provides local governments with fact sheets, key contacts and a presentation template.

Social Impacts of Pokies

Social Impacts of is an online evidence base and data book for local government staff, community members and applicants to build their own social impact assessments.

Social and Economic Impact Assessments (SEIAs) for gaming applications are complex.  This Framework identifies indicators that may be considered within an SEIA, the evidence that supports these indicators and links to the data source to for each indicator.

The Framework was developed by the Inner Northern Working Group on Gambling. 


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