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Day 16: Freedom from violence


“From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All!” 

Day 1

Calling all councillors

It’s White Ribbon Day Australia, so how about choosing orange today – start a conversation about preventing violence against women! The international – and now Victoria wide - theme for White Ribbon Day is ‘Orange the World’ in honour of the United Nation’s UNiTE Campaign. #orangeurworld on White Ribbon Day.

Day 2

Calling all male councillors

You can take leadership in the community on this shocking issue. Find out how you can promote to prevent gender based violence, starting at the White Ribbon website.

Day 3

Evidence for Change

If you are the VLGA delegate for your council, request for a status report about violence against women in your local communities and neighbourhoods. Then seek a meeting with the Board Chair of your regional Women’s Health Service about statistics for your municipality. Follow this link to an example of where to start. 

Day 4

Join the Network

The MAV supports the Preventing Violence Against Women Network for local governments. Find out if any of your officers are part of the Network.

Day 5

Leadership for lasting change 

Your Council has recently elected the Mayor 2015/16. The Mayoralty role is an opportunity to shape and grow a community and make positive changes – can your Mayor make violence prevention part of their vision for their term? Why not suggest the Mayor lead council in adopting a resolution, here some words to consider:

“That the (insert council name) supports the goal of eliminating violence against women and the key role that this local government can play. Preventing violence against women is one of the key building blocks in strengthening communities and creating sustainable futures. Communities free of this insidious violence are more likely to be inclusive, diverse and dynamic. The Council undertakes to support the prevention of violence against women through policy and activities. An annual progress report will outline action to date and proposed actions for the next 12 months.” 

Day 6

Plan ahead

Decide of two actions you can initiate over the next 12 months to strength your Council's work on preventing violence against women.

Day 7

Make the callout

Host an event for your local community to ask how they can share ideas and work together to stop violence against women. Brainstorm and stories are a first step.

Day 8

Community grants for preventing violence against women

Initiate an idea - a category in your community grant can recognise a good idea for small projects to prevent violence against women. Find out what other councils are doing through the Community and Social Planners Network.

Day 9

Councillors plan safe communities

How can our neighbourhoods and communities become more friendly to women? Women in Cities is a worldwide network based in Canada. Thought provoking, practical ideas for how to make your municipality a better place – for women, for everyone.

Day 10

Be prepared - 10 reasons why gender matters

Why does gender matter to local government? Infrastructure, land use, leadership, workplaces, sports and recreation, access and more.

Day 11

Empower young women

Young women are among those most at risk for violence from men and boys they know. Check out fabulous online resources to empower girls - Rosie Respect; Fitzroy High School Feminist Collective; Lip magazine; Because I am a girl. Support young men to take a stand

Day 12


Value respect in local government politics. Respect – easy to say, sounds good, harder to practice. Check out the Good Governance website. VLGA members - feel free to give us a call on (03) 9349 7999 or email for confidential advice.

Day 13

Aussie attitudes 

It’s hard to hear but until we face it, it won’t go away. Read the National Community Attitudes Towards Violence Against Women survey and find what Aussie attitudes are.

Day 14

Compassionate leave

At the next Council briefing session meeting, ask how your Council supports colleagues and staff experiencing domestic violence. Several years ago Surf Coast pioneered an initiative which saw compassionate leave included in the EBA. By 2012 the number of councils with this clause in the EBA had already reached 21. Has your council joined yet? Check out some starry examples of local government agreements.

Day 15

Not our our watch

“It’s up to you. It’s up to me. It’s up to us” is the slogan for this national campaign encouraging us to challenge stereotypes, call out sexist attitudes, speak out about violence and end victim blaming. As you move into Council Plan time, raise the issue of gender equity policy. Here’s one example among several of a council adopting a Gender Equity Strategy.
Find out more about how we can change our society for the better.

Day 16

Freedom from Violence - A Human Right

Today is Human Rights Day and the message is simple – freedom from violence and fear of violence is a human right. It’s up to us to make this a reality in every Victorian municipality. Make this one of your leadership goals in 2016 – council election year.

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