Candidate Training & Development

October 2020 Local Government Elections

Throughout the VLGA’s 25 years, we have worked to support communities and councils in good governance over many election cycles.

It is crucial that candidates start early in their preparation for local government elections. By providing quality information, resources and education about the business of local government and candidate development, the VLGA can assist councils in attracting and supporting high calibre candidates who reflect the communities they serve.

The VLGA invites councils to partner with the VLGA to deliver workshops in their local communities ahead of the 2020 elections. These workshops are designed to increase  understanding of councils and council elections in the community, leading to more informed candidates and voters. 

The VEC provides information sessions on the logistics of local government elections and the responsibilities of candidates; whereas the VLGA’s sessions take a holistic approach to building community leadership capacity and informing community members about the business of local government.

Key components

General information session
Short session to outline key dates, deadlines, timelines for getting organised, eligibility and links to key resources.

Local Government 101 - the fundamentals
A comprehensive overview of the business of local government, the roles of councils and councillors, and the electoral system.

Candidate development
Interactive workshops on key considerations for candidates, including developing policy platforms, connecting with community and key skills and campaigning techniques.

We cater to your community

The VLGA provides relevant, accessible and comprehensive training on the business of local government and the journey from community member to candidate and (potentially) councillor.
We can work with your council to design a program of workshops that accommodates the needs of your community, at central times and locations.

Our workshops are flexible in content and delivery and can be co-designed with your community where appropriate (i.e. for community leadership programs; council advisory committees, etc).

Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities
Culturally appropriate training designed in collaboration with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria (ECCV).

Aboriginal Victorians - Your Community, Country & Council (YCCC)
YCCC is a series of events including podcasts, discussion forums and workshops designed to increase participants’ knowledge of the local government sector. This aims to improve engagement between participants and their local councils and encourage their nomination as candidates for the 2020 council elections. The VLGA works with key Aboriginal stakeholders to create the events and ensure that training is culturally appropriate and engaging.

Alignment with state government strategies
Our projects, ‘Local Women Leading Change’ and ‘Your Community, Country & Council’ are supported by the Victorian Government in line with its Gender Equality Strategy and Best practice guide for gender equity in local government. Our pre-candidate training also supports the principles of the new Local Government Bill (2019), the Victorian Aboriginal and Local Government Action Plan (VALGAP) and Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework, and Victoria’s Multicultural Policy Statement.

To find out how the VLGA can provide these services for your community:

Contact Bo Li, Senior Policy Advisor - or 9349 7999.

Click here for the VLGA's pre-candidate training prospectus.

Click here to view the VLGA's upcoming gender-specific (women's) pre-candidate training.