South Gippsland Shire Council elections

LWLC South Gippsland - online panel event

LWLC workshops

  • Local Government 101 - Monday 23 August 2021, 6pm to 7:30pm
  • Candidate Development - Wednesday 25 August 2021, 6pm to 7:30pm

Register here (all registrants will be sent Zoom links for both workshops).

LWLC: Your campaign toolkit

Click here to view the VLGA's guide for candidates running for local government. 

Please note that the election timeline contained in the toolkit was for the October 2020 elections. Refer to the VEC website for relevant dates for the South Gippsland Shire Council 2021 elections.

LWLC: Online videos

If you are unable to attend the LWLC workshops, click here for videos that contain content from each workshop. As above, these videos were produced for the October 2020 elections. Refer to the VEC website for relevant dates.

General candidate workshops

These workshops are open to all community members.

(Both of the workshops above are the same content repeated at different times; please note that content may overlap with the LWLC workshops.)

Victorian Electoral Commission website - South Gippsland Shire Council elections

Click here for information from the VEC on the South Gippsland Shire Council 2021 elections.

This page includes a timeline of key dates and will be updated to include details of the election office, nomination details and candidate information.

Key dates

  • Friday 27 August - Close of electoral roll:
    to vote in the elections or run as a candidate, you must be correctly enrolled to vote by this date.
  • Wednesday 15 September - Election office opens:
    contact details of the Election Manager and the address that you need to attend to nominate will be available from this date.
  • Thursday 16 September - Nominations open:
    you can submit your nomination from this date until the close of nominations.
  • Wednesday 21 September (12 noon) - Nominations close:
    this is the hard deadline for nominations. Nominations will not be received after noon on the 21 September. The ballot order (the order that names appear on the voting papers) is drawn on this date.
  • Thursday 22 September (12 noon) -
    Candidate questionnaire, candidate statement and photo must be lodged by noon on 22 September for inclusion.
  • Tuesday 5 October - Ballot mail out begins:
    voting packs begin leaving the VEC from this date.
  • Thursday 7 October - Ballot mail out ends:
    voting packs have all left the VEC by this date.
  • Friday 22 October (6pm) - Voting closes:
    all votes should be cast (filled out) by this date. 
  • Friday 29 October (12pm) - Postal vote receipt period ends:
    all votes must be received at the VEC by this date to be counted (physically arrived at the office)
  • Friday 5 November - All elections to be declared:
    all results should be announced on or before this date.