Inquiry into Recycling & Waste Management VLGA Submission & Response

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The VLGA is pleased that the final report into the state's waste management and recycling has adopted many recommendations called for in our original submission.

The VLGA commends the significant work done by the Committee in producing the final report and its accompanying 46 recommendations. In particular, the VLGA welcomes the recommendations regarding:

·       Better clarity and stronger governance arrangements for the Sustainability Fund

·       Stronger environmental planning framework and policy certainty for local councils, particularly for multi-story developments

·       A coordinated state-wide public education campaign on recycling 

·       Standardisation of bin lid colours for all councils

·       Introduction of a container deposit scheme

·       Introducing recycled content in government procurement, better data collection and monitoring and significant investment in research and development of recycled materials.

The VLGA remains cautious regarding waste to energy solutions, noting the report acknowledging any such solutions must be part of a circular economy framework and be guided by appropriate policy while taking into consideration local capacities and their impact on the environment and human health.

As outlined in our submission, the VLGA calls for strong advocacy from the state government to the Commonwealth government on urgent and coordinated policy responses to waste management and recycling. Measures such as the Australian Packaging covenant and stronger product stewardship schemes and will provide confidence not only to the community, they will also stimulate sector investment and innovation in waste management recycling. 

The VLGA looks forward to the government’s response to the report’s recommendations.

VLGA Submission

Please attribute to VLGA President Cr Lambros Tapinos
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