Sustainable Futures with Professor Jay Friedlander Workshop Wrap Up

Wednesday, 20 November 2019
Leading the Agenda Wrap Up

Sustainable Futures with Professor Jay Friedlander
Wednesday 6 November 209
Workshop Wrap Up

The Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA), in partnership with Central Queensland University, hosted Professor Friedlander, from the College of the Atlantic, an Ashoka UChangemaker Campus on 6 November 2019 to provide an outline of his work on the Abundance Cycle. This work aims to equip organisations who want to embed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)across some, or all, their operations. 

During the two-hour workshop, attended by councillors, council staff and social entrepreneurs, Professsor Friedlander outlinedthe critical steps of his Abundance Cycle, including:

  1. Changing people’s perspectives on change – to engage with stakeholders on common issues of concern and to re-shape the conversation.
  2. Building on strength to explore and unlock opportunities – find willing champions and focus initially on activities with low effort and high impact. 
  3. Develop tactics and measurements – to seek out collaborative exchange with a focus on the 3Ps: People, Profit and Planet.

The workshop also provided a great opportunity for attendees to network and exchange ideas. 

As part of VLGA’s strategic plan in providing local government support and good governance leadership councils, this and other workshops, events and training are open to member council staff and councillors. A full list of our upcoming events can be accessed via the VLGA website