Victorian Local Government Women's Charter

The Women’s Participation in Local Government Coalition (WPILGC)

The WPILGC was formed in 1997 to work towards the equal participation of women and men in Victorian local government through the Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter. By 2013, as the work for gender equity in local government became stronger, the Coalition dissolved itself and handed responsibility for this work to the statewide organisations, the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and the Victorian Local Governance Association.

The Charter

The Victorian Local Government Women’s Charter promotes the principles of:

  • gender equity
  • encouraging diversity in representation and participation; and
  • women’s active citizenship.

In 2018, the Charter celebrated its 21st year. 72 of Victoria’s 79 councils have become signatories to the Charter, affirming their commitment to improving the representation of women as elected representatives in Victorian councils.

How to become a Charter signatory

To become a Charter signatory, your Council must pass a motion at a Council meeting. You should then nominate a Charter Champion who will drive momentum on gender equality within your council.

This checklist has some great suggestions for actions that can be taken to support the work of the charter.

If you would like more information on becoming a Charter signatory, please contact the VLGA.

Maintaining the momentum

The VLGA recently held a 'Leading the Agenda' working lunch on maintaining the momentum for the three principles of the Victorian Local Government Women's Charter. For the wrap up, including suggested actions click here.


Deborah Wu - Women's Engagement and Project Officer or on (03) 9349 7999.