Preventing Harm from Gambling

In July 2019 the VLGA received a 2-year grant from the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation to deliver the the Building Council and Community Capacity Program. This grant has been extended until 2023.

Building Council and Community Capacity 

This project aims to build the capacity of council and community members to undertake activities that will prevent harm from gambling in their communities. 

Councillors can have significant influence on each other, on their councils and on their communities. This program supports the capacity of councillors and councils to initiate and implement actions to raise awareness and reduce harm from gambling. Local government has a significant role to play in gambling harm reduction, ranging from its role in planning matters to supporting clubs and associations in diversifying revenue as well as providing social, leisure and recreation alternatives to gambling. This program entails working with councils to ensure the inclusion of gambling harm prevention in municipal public health and wellbeing plans.

We also hold the Local Government Working Group on Gambling (LGWGOG) bi-monthly, to find out more click here

For more information please contact or (03) 9349 7999.