Value Proposition

Our overriding value is to strengthen and support good governance in local government that will enable, promote and facilitate trust and confidence in the sector.

 We create value in the following ways.

  • We marshal thought leadership for the sector across a wide variety of topics;
  • We present high calibre panels of professionals, agency leaders and senior bureaucrats and Ministers in areas relevant to the sector;
  • We facilitate highly relevant discussions on complex issues which are readily accessible to all;
  • We are agile and adapt our service offering to meet the needs of our member organisations;
  • We advocate and represent the position of local government to other levels of government;
  • We are engaged (and sought after) as a peak body - the independent local government governance organisation -to participate in forums, think tanks, advisory committees convened by government, academic institutions and other lead agencies;
  • We provide resources, information, professional development and education and undertake projects and events that support good governance and leadership;
  • We deliver funded programs which meet the strategic priorities of the government of the day;
  • We advocate for participation in local democracy that is inclusive and represents the diversity of the community and deliver programs that build the capacity of candidates and councillors.

Endorsed 10 December 2020