Podcast Episodes: VLGA Connect

Episode 143: Newsroom

This week in the Newsroom with Kathryn Arndt, we got a bit excited and borrowed the new opening titles for the general VLGA Connect episodes. But they're too nice to share! We'll go back to our own Newsroom titles next week. Oh, and we talk about the news stories of the week from around local government too!

Summer Series Episode 142: Governance Update

This week, Chris Eddy and Stephen Cooper are joined by Hannah Duncan-Jones from Local Government Victoria for an update on LGA 2020 implementation; new guidance on personal interest returns; and a review of mandatory candidate training. We also discuss this week's LGPro virtual conference, and a study that reveals the conflicted, harassed and insecure life of a council CEO.

Summer Series Episode 141: Newsroom

On this week's Newsroom in the VLGA Connect Summer Series, Kathryn Arndt and Chris Eddy discuss a selection of news stories from the world of local government and beyond. Including new reporting requirements for Councils; a fall in life expectancy as a result of COVID-19; electric vehicle charging stations rolling out in regional areas; and so much more.