Communique #1: Issues for 2018 State Elections and beyond

Thursday, 1 March 2018
VLGA Discuss

The VLGA has prepared this briefing for all council CEOs and mayors.

The upcoming November state election presents councils with the opportunity to advocate for the needs of their communities. The VLGA encourages councils to actively explore local issues in the context of this communique and identify their community-specific issues. These issues will be the basis on which local councils develop advocacy plans on behalf of their community and lobby local MPs leading up to the 2018 State Election and beyond.

This briefing provides your council with key points for lobbying and advocacy.We encourage you to share it with fellow councillors and council staff to assist in effectively advocating/lobbying for the needs of your council.

We also encourage your council to share your lobbying and advocacy efforts with the VLGA so that we may better represent the interests of the sector in 2018 and beyond.