Equality Starts Locally - New Partnership Between the VLGA & GenVic 

Wednesday, 27 May 2020
Gender Equity Victoria (GenVic) and the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) today launch their partnership for gender equity, with a webinar featuring world leading Gender & Disaster experts from across the globe providing advice to local prevention partnerships across Victoria. 
Covid19 is resulting in poor economic, health and social consequences for Australian women, including a higher jobless rate and lower mental health and wellbeing in lockdown. That’s why GenVic and VLGA have signed onto a Gender Equity & Covid19 Joint Statement, with another 88 organisations calling for the road to recovery to be gender equal. With a new Gender Equality Act soon to begin operation in Victoria, there is no more important time to build local, community driven solutions to gender equality.  
Quotes attributable to Tanja Kovac, GenVic Chief Executive Officer: 
We’re thrilled to be working alongside the VLGA in championing gender equality and a Victoria free from gendered violence. The VLGA has been at the forefront of national leadership in ensuring women are elected to local government and that resources at a local level are meeting the needs of women and gender diverse people. 
Women are local leaders – they drive school fundraising activities, keep local sports alive and run or work for small businesses in their communities. That is why a local response to gender equality is so important and encouraging women to stand for election in local councils matters even more in the middle of global pandemic. 
Quotes attributable to Kathryn Arndt, VLGA Chief Executive Officer: 
We are excited by the prospect of deepening our commitment to gender equity through this new partnership. We know that many of GenVic’s members have strong relationships with our members across local government entities. Their work driving the agenda of Local Prevention Partnerships has enabled local governments to take a lead in family violence prevention. 
From community awareness to primary prevention and capacity building, councils are constantly working to end gendered violence and promote gender equality. As the level of government closest to the community, councils need to represent the communities that they serve. Women’s perspectives, their experiences and their unique connections to community are crucial to good local governance.
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