The Local Government Inspectorate Delivers Report on Managing the Performance Cycle of Council CEOs

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

A robust working relationship between councillors and the CEO built on mutual trust and respect is essential to the operational success and good governance of councils. The VLGA welcomes the most recent report by the Local Government Inspectorate: Managing the employment cycle of a council CEO.

The Report outlines case studies where breakdowns in the relationship have led to adverse outcomes for CEOs, councillors, council staff, and ultimately, the community. These case studies provide a timely reminder that all councillors have duties to actively manage the performance of council CEOs. They should do so objectively and are strongly encouraged to engage external independent specialist assistance in the process.

The VLGA supports the recommendations outlined by the Inspectorate, particularly in relation to increasing the capability and skills base of councillors in the recruitment and performance management of council CEOs.

Councils are complex organisations managing significant assets and providing dozens of services to the community. Successful working relationships between the elected councillors and council administration is critical to the performance of councils in delivering long term outcomes for their community.


Please attribute to VLGA Chief Executive Officer Kathryn Arndt