Young Councillor Network - councillor census

One of the Victorian Local Governance Association’s (VLGA) key priorities is to improve diversity and inclusion within local government and encourage good governance and active participation. In line with these aims, the VLGA is seeking to establish a social and professional network for young councillors, to provide them with the organisational and peer-based support that they need to thrive in complex council environments. It is our hope that by supporting this generation of young councillors, we can encourage new generations of young people to run for local government.

We intend this group to be a forum for ideas and action, driven by members of the network. The VLGA will perform a secretariat support role to the Network, facilitating meetings and events at the guidance of members of the group.

We seek to empower this generation of young councillors with the tools and knowledge that they need to lead change in their communities, both at an institutional and peer-based level. We are eager to be as inclusive as possible, especially in terms of the location of our events. We will ensure decisions are driven by the needs of young councillors.

Your responses are essential to informing our work in this space. Do you know a young councillor (between the age of 18 and 30) that should be part of this network? Email us at and we will make sure to get in touch with them.

For more information, contact Deborah Wu (Women's Engagement & Project Officer) or Rose O'Leary (Community Engagement Officer) on 03 9349 7999.

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