Your Community, Country & Council

Your Community, Country & Council 2021-22

The Minister for Local Government, Hon Shaun Leane MP has recently announced a grant of $50,000 from Local Government Victoria (Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions) to continue the important work of the VLGA's project, Your Community, Country & Council (YCCC) for the 2021-22 year.

This 12 month project will seek to evaluate the 2020 project and co-design a project plan and content for delivery ahead of the next local government elections in 2024.

Key elements of this project include:

  • Employing an Project Lead with strong ties to First Nations communities who will see the project from scoping through to implementation;
  • Establishing a YCCC Steering Committee (consisting of current Victorian First Nations councillors, representatives of the First Peoples' Assembly of Victoria and 2 other interested parties);
  • Outreach to past and future participants of the program
  • Development of workshop content
  • Interest-building session
  • Knowledge-building session
  • Content review
  • Project Plan for 2022-24

Further details of this project will be available on this page and through VLGA social media channels.

Your Community, Country & Council 2020

The project,Your Community, Country and Council (YCCC) was led by Charles Pakana of Connection Matters Radio in 2020 on behalf of the VLGA. The primary objective of the project was to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to nominate as candidates in the October 2020 Victorian local government elections. 

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