YCCC Steering Committee


The project is an initiative of the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA) supported by the Victorian government to increase participation by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in local government decision making.

Drawing on your experience and knowledge, the committee will discuss a range of ideas and issues that will assist the VLGA to create inspiring and creative approaches to informing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members considering candidacy in local government elections. The committee will also evaluate the previous YCCC project leading up to the 2020 local government elections.

Themes for discussion will be led by the Steering Committee and may include:

  • Barriers to representation in local government.
  • Opportunities and enabling factors.
  • Information that candidates need to know.
  • Communication methods.
  • The cultural lens.

The YCCC Steering Committee will comprise of Aboriginal Councillors in Victoria (currently in office), and other members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities residing in Victoria.

Your commitment will involve an induction meeting and a further six meetings scheduled monthly. The meetings will each be approximately 2 hours and sitting fees of $300 per meeting will be paid. Further details may be obtained from the YCCC Project Lead, Donna Spiller via email donna@vlga.org.au. The Terms of Reference may be found here.

If you think you can contribute to informing the YCCC project and improving the pathways to increased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander decision making in local government, please complete the Expression of Interest and submit to the YCCC Project Lead by 5pm on 13 May 2022.

Further information and previous projects of the YCCC may be found here.

Click here for the Expression of Interest form

Click here for the (draft) Terms of Reference (pending formal approval/amendments from the Steering Committee)

Donna Spiller
YCCC Project Lead